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What to Plant in August

What to Plant in August

What are the best plants to plant in August? These tips can help.

August signals a waning summer but is no less intense in heat, humidity, and summer life. Gardening is by no means out of bounds this month; in fact, there are plenty of plantings you can do to keep your landscape and garden projects going. Here are several categories of plants that can help you determine what to plant in August in Maryland or zone 7.

Fall-Flowering Plants

In August, you can start adding plants that will beautify your fall garden. It is a great time to add flowers that bloom in late summer or fall, any plant that can last until the first frost. This selection includes annuals and perennials alike. Popular fall-flowering plants include marigolds, dahlias, chrysanthemums, goldenrod, and celosia, among many others. You can also plant spring bulbs and biennial species in August.

Winter-Flowering Plants

Now is also a time to plant winter-flowering plants. When the weather is relatively temperate, it is easier for plants to settle into new soil. Late summer through autumn is a fine time to get your winter-flowering plants a head start. 

Winter-flowering plants include camellia, witch hazel, winter hazel, Christmas rose, hellebores, and winter jasmine. One can add shrubs and plants that produce winter berries and ornamental branches, like holly, pussy willow, and Cornelian cherry.

Cold-Weather Vegetables

Certain types of vegetables thrive in cool weather. However, you can plant them in the ground in August. These cold-weather vegetables are hardy, leafy plants like broccoli, kale, cabbage, spinach, and Brussels sprouts. There is also still an open window to produce radishes, turnips, and beans.

Shrubs & Trees

One should avoid pruning shrubs and trees in this late summer season to avoid prolonged growth, but one can embrace adding new shrubs and trees to the landscape. Like other plants, shrubs and trees can establish themselves better when the weather and soil are temperate and cool. If you need any assistance in designing and installing your new landscape plants, Michael Bryan Landscapes can help!

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