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What You Can Do with a Custom Shed

shed at the back of a garden

A shed can be more than just a shed. Use these ideas to spark your creativity!

The options for how you can use your custom shed are endless. You can turn any room into anything you want. It all depends on what you want. Even so, seeing what you can do with a custom shed through the ideas below can give you new insights you never had before. If you’re ready to build a new custom shed in Maryland, Michael Bryan Landscapes is happy to work with you.

Storage for Tools

Naturally, you can use a shed for the traditional use: storing tools. You can store garden tools, carpentry tools, landscaping tools, and automotive tools and supplies. Whatever tools you have, you can keep them in your custom shed.

Storage for Vehicles

Custom sheds can also house larger equipment, such as vehicles. Your garage might be for your car, but your shed could store your boat, canoe, motorcycle, etc. With the many water activity opportunities in Maryland, there is a chance you can use the shed for this purpose.

Hobby Workshop

Another possibility is to use the shed for your hobbies. It could be your craft room, garden room, art room, music room, etc. The possibilities are endless. It could even be a place to play video games. 

Small Business Station

It could also be where you operate your own business. Some people use their backyard shed as a bakery, a barbershop, a writing room, an art studio, and much more. If you need an office or workspace to operate a business, a custom shed could do the trick.


It doesn’t have to have anything to do with work. It could just be your personal retreat. It could be a place to relax and rejuvenate away from home but on your own property. 

Entertainment Center

If you are more extroverted, you might use this space as an entertainment spot. It could be your rec room to keep game night noises away from the rest of the house, a theater room, etc.

Guest House

Do you need an extra guest bedroom? A custom shed could also become a comfortable capsule; it can even come with its own bathroom or kitchen

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