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When to Close the Swimming Pool

When to Close the Swimming Pool
When it’s time to close the pool and take care of other fall chores, Michael Bryan Landscapes is at your service!

The temperature is dropping steadily this fall in Maryland, which unfortunately means that summer is mainly past. Part of the transition into autumn includes transitioning the pool for the winter, also known as “winterizing.” How do you know when it’s time to close the swimming pool? It depends on a few factors.

The Normal Season

Public outdoor swimming pools in Maryland tend to open after Memorial Day and close after Labor Day, marking the general lines between the start and close of summer. You can follow these guidelines for opening and closing your backyard pool, but your decision will ultimately come down to how cold it is. Once you feel it’s too cold to swim outdoors anymore, feel free to shut down for the season. For those who love swimming outdoors regardless, one should definitely call it quits once it reaches below 30 degrees at night.

Concerning Leaves

In Maryland, trees thrive. Most homes have an ample supply of neighborhood trees. In the fall, therefore, autumn leaves are more likely to fall into your swimming pool than not. If yours has a high risk of collecting dead leaves, you can find a leaf net or tarp designed to protect your pool. If leaves do get in the water, numerous tools are at your service, such as a leaf rake, leaf scoop, pool skimmer, or pool vacuum.

The Pool Heater

When the weather drops below 70 degrees Fahrenheit, you might consider it a no-brainer to close the swimming pool for the season, but the game changes with a pool heater involved. You can keep the water warm and steamy well into fall, and open up sooner in the spring. One can easily find a great deal on a pool heater through online research. 

Winterizing the Pool

Winterizing is important for your swimming pool’s wellbeing, but doing it properly is even more so. The job will involve cleaning and shocking the pool, removing ladders, plugs, and heat pumps, draining the water appropriately, and covering it securely. Michael Bryan Landscapes can do this service and more for you this fall season.

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