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When to Plant Flowers in Maryland

When to Plant Flowers in Maryland
What is the best time to plant flowers in Maryland? Find out more here.

People have been more active around the house than ever in these current times. Gardening, in particular, has become a more rigorous hobby. The gardener will soon realize that growing plants successfully partly depends on the timing of their planting. Below are a few tips on when to plant flowers in Maryland.


One should keep in mind that there is no permanent, exact time to plant flowers in Maryland. The weather fluctuates, bringing spring sooner one year and more gradually the next. Frost could hit at a sooner or later date than expected. Following a planting calendar is a solid guide, but one should also check the weather report just in case.


Annuals like morning glories, pansies, and petunias are best planted after any chance of frost has passed. One must remember that annuals are unaccustomed to the cold, rain, and wind, having grown in a hot house all their lives. In Maryland, it is best to plant annuals from mid-April to October for spring-to-fall color.


Perennials are hardier plants and will come up year after year. However, it is also better to plant them after the last frost, which could be between March and April. It is best to not plant them too early in the spring or too late in the fall; it’s best to give the plants some time to establish their roots after and before frost returns.


There are a myriad of ways to grow seeds. One can plant them in containers, in seed pods, or directly in the ground. Here, there is room for experimentation. The general principle to keep is to protect the seedlings from harsh, cold weather. If your plants are outside, you can put a tarp or a cloche for plants over them. In general, people will start planting by seed in March or April.

Shrubs & Trees

One can plant shrubs or trees virtually any time of year, provided that the ground is not frozen. The hardiest plants of all, they can easily withstand freezing conditions above ground. Even so, fall and spring are the best times to let these and other plants establish their roots in cool, moist soil.

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