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Why Plant a Butterfly Garden?

Why Plant a Butterfly Garden?
Planting a butterfly garden can help everyone out, from people to butterflies to plants.

With April come, it’s time to get out into the garden. In Maryland, the flowers are blooming, the trees are budding, and the insects and animals are flocking back into their habitats. April is an important time for butterflies, which, along with many other insects, come back to feed and lay their eggs. One of the best ways to help these creatures out is to plant a butterfly garden.

What Is a Butterfly Garden?

A butterfly garden, in its most formal sense, is an area designed to provide food and shelter for butterflies and caterpillars. With a mix of shade and ample direct sunlight from surrounding trees and shrubs, a mix of plants provide nectar for butterflies, a place for their eggs, and food for the caterpillars that hatch. Adding a flat rock or two can give a place for butterflies to bask in the sun.

Get Outdoors

Just as it is healthful for butterflies to soak up some sun, people can benefit from the sunshine too. The backyard is the best place to start when it comes to enjoying the outdoors, and there is no doubt that spending time in nature boosts one’s mood, reduces stress, increases one’s Vitamin D level, and improves health overall. 

Spend Time with Family

Still, why enjoy the great outdoors alone? Planting a butterfly garden is more fun with family. It also gives parents an opportunity to teach their children about caring for animals, how the natural environment works, and how to garden. It’s a superb way to bond as a family, especially if you like gardening. 

Help the Ecosystem

While you help out the relationships within your own family, you will also be helping out the relationships between butterflies, plants, and the rest of the ecosystem. Butterflies are essential pollinators and part of the food chain. They supply birds with nourishment and can rid your vegetable garden of pesky aphids. With the disturbing drop in the monarch butterfly population in recent years, the more help, the better!

Add Beauty to the Yard

Planting a butterfly garden is also simply a beautiful feature to have in one’s yard. Maryland has a vast diversity of plant species suited just for the animals that live here. Plus, butterflies are pretty to look at too. 

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