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Why Puddles Form in the Yard

Why Puddles Form in the Yard

If puddles keep forming in your yard, it could be because of these reasons.

Puddles might be fun for jumping in, but they could be a sign of something wrong with your yard and home as well. If puddles form in the yard, your home’s foundation could be at risk. Standing water can breed mosquitoes and be problematic for foundations of any kind. It is best to get to the bottom of the problem. Here are a few common reasons why puddles form in the yard.

Poor Soil Quality

The soil in your yard could be the reason why water is not draining as it should. If you have clay soil in your area, there is a chance that the rainwater has a harder time penetrating the topsoil into the deep earth below. Some central regions of Maryland have clay-like soils. If necessary, one can install a drainage system or plant trees that enjoy wet soil.

Incorrect Grading

Another possible issue is the incorrect grading of the land. The land should have a slope that directs water to the nearest storm drain and away from the house, fence, deck, and other structures. No matter the cause of the incorrect grading, it is best to have a landscaper check out the problem. Michael Bryan Landscapes is happy to help you with any of your landscaping needs!

Water Leak

Another reason could be a water leak from any water pipe or hose related to your house. It could be a leaking water pipe or irrigation system. The point where leakage happens most, the puddle, is one place to check for leaks. 


If you frequently use a sprinkler system in the summer, puddles could be the result of overwatering. There are numerous best practices for watering the grass, including watering based on the grass type, soil type, rainfall, and season. 

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