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A Wildlife-Friendly Backyard

A Wildlife-Friendly Backyard

Want your backyard to incorporate both entertaining and nature? Here’s how you can make your backyard wildlife-friendly.

Perhaps you’re a lover of nature, but also a lover of entertaining and enjoying your outdoor space. Perhaps you would love to have a deck, patio, or other outdoor living space, and would like a backyard suitable for hosting friends and family and for relaxing. However, you might also want to invite some animals to come over too. It’s always nice to watch the birds or squirrels or insects that might pass through. So, can you do both, entertain and invite nature? Yes, you can; below are some tips on how to make your backyard wildlife-friendly. 

Provide Food

There’s only one thing animals are mainly after, and that’s food. If you want animals to visit your backyard, you should invest in some plants that are suited to their diet. In Maryland, there are hundreds of native plant species to choose from off of which birds, bees, butterflies, and more all thrive. You will not want to feed them in any other way; feeding animals yourself can lead to animals’ overdependence on humans and thus an unhealthy relationship. Planting a diversity of vegetation, from perennials to shrubs to vines to trees, is all that’s necessary to create both a bounty for animals and a beauty to your eyes.

Provide Water

Animals, even insects, also need water to survive. Create a pond or install a birdbath in your yard so that the animals can come for a drink or a wash or both. Your backyard will become a favorite among the wildlife, and you and your family can enjoy watching nature from your deck or patio. 

Natural Areas

To enable this natural set up for your backyard, yet still maintain that entertaining and living space that you want to enjoy, you’ll need to designate a specific area or two for the purpose. Take a look at your yard to see where the best places might be to plant native foliage and habitats, such as bushes for birds to build nests. A professional landscaper can help guide your decision on the best design.

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