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Windbreaker Ideas for the Backyard

Nice backyard with a swimming pool

Need wind protection? We’ve got a few ideas up our sleeve!

In the month of March, you might have noticed particularly windy weather in Maryland. March is perhaps the windiest month of the year in this state, but topographical elements can affect the windiness of any given area. If you don’t like the wind blowing the hair in your face or your cups and plates away, you can install windbreaks. These are just a few windbreaker ideas for the backyard for starters.

Slatted Fences

Horizontal plank fences are becoming popular, and this type of fence could provide your yard with much-needed wind protection. Your fence could be of any length you desire, spanning your border or shielding a specific outdoor living area. Refer to your local rules for the fence height.


A trellis is a decorative panel on which plants can grow. You will want to use it for growing climbing plants and vines. A row of trellises could shield you from the wind and add privacy, creating a cozy, natural space. Be sure to install it properly so it doesn’t fall over!

Walled Pergolas

Do you have a pergola or would like to install one? It is possible to enclose one or more sides of the pergola with slatted panels made of wood, composite, metal, etc. This feature would be especially helpful if the wind tends to blow from one direction and you need privacy on that side as well.

High-Backed Seating

High-backed seating could be another solution. This way, you keep individuals from getting caught up in the wind rather than a whole area. High-backed seating could come in the form of arbor seating or outdoor wingback chairs.

Hedges & Trees

Hedges and tree rows effectively filter strong winds. Some suggest alternating evergreen and deciduous trees, while others use only evergreen trees or shrubs. Michael Bryan Landscapes can advise you on the best tree or shrub windbreaker ideas for your backyard.

Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses can grow large and tall and work as a windbreaker for your yard. Maryland has several native ornamental grasses that can grow up to six feet tall. Once again, we are here for you to design and implement your backyard windbreakers in Maryland.

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