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Winter Care for Paver Patios

Winter Care for Paver Patios
Keep your paver patio looking its best with these easy winter care tips!

Winter is well underway, with Maryland having a snowier year than expected! No matter what year it is, however, paver patios will always require the same type of protection. Protecting the patio before, during, and after winter will ensure that it lasts a very long time for you to enjoy it. Below are just a few simple ways to give paver patios the best winter care.

Seal the Pavers

The first step takes place before winter sets in. Once every few years, it is best to apply a sealant over the pavers. This process can be a DIY project or one for your landscaper, but no matter who does it, it will certainly help to protect the stone, brick, or concrete pavers from dirt, weathering, ice, and more. Sealed pavers are also easier to clean, as the dirt will not be able to seep into the paver materials. 

Use Sand, Not Salt!

Even with sealed pavers, it would be wise to use sand as a de-icer rather than salt or any de-icing chemical. Salt is a naturally corrosive substance; it is why your average beach house will wear down faster than a mainland one. To avoid all guesswork as to whether commercial chemicals are safe for patios, spreading sand over the patio will take care of the business effectively and safely.

Remove Snow with Care

If you need to remove snow from your patio to create a safe path to the backyard or the grill, be sure to use the right snow removal tools. Ditch the metal snow shovels, as they will likely scratch and damage your pavers. Instead, use either a plastic snow shovel, a shovel with a rubber edge, or a snowblower. 

Clean the Pavers

With less than six weeks until spring, it will soon be time to clean the pavers and ready them for a new spring season. Besides giving your patio a fresh, appealing look, cleaning your paver patios will also rid their surfaces of last year’s sand, dirt, debris, and anything else that could eventually harm them. 

Repair As Needed

Even paver patios break down over time. Should you notice a chipped, cracked, or wobbly paver, you can always replace it. If your patio is very old and showing all the signs of age, it may be time to install a new patio with the help of your local landscaping professionals. 

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