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Winter Hardscape Care

Winter Hardscape Care

The winter is the time to take care of your hardscapes in several ways.

While we flounder in the dreary days of winter, longing for the warmth of spring and the chance to get out into the soil, there are still some maintenance tasks that require attention. Most of the landscaping and trees are dormant through the winter and require little care or tending. In fact, too much attention toward your plants, such as watering, during the winter can do more harm than good. Your hardscaping, however, does need your attention. Make sure that you’re taking care of the following winter hardscape care this winter.

Seal The Cracks

If your hardscaping has any cracks, they will become a channel for water. When water gets into the cracks in the winter, it freezes and expands, making the cracks worse. This is called the freeze-thaw cycle. To prevent your cracks from worsening during this season, you must seal them. Depending on the size of the crack and type of hardscaping, the task may be too difficult for you. For larger sealing jobs, contact a landscaping professional.

Fix Other Issues

Not all of your hardscaping is stonework, so don’t forget your decks. All of your wooden hardscaping is in danger of damage from winter weather if it is loose or damaged. Just as you would replace or repair any broken pavers or bricks, you should likewise fix any broken boards.

Channel Run-Off

Any run-off that flows down your yard needs to divert away from your hardscaping. If it flows towards your hardscaping, water might sit and freeze on your hardscaping, causing issues. 

Shovel The Snow (Don’t Use Chemicals)

When the snow does come, it is best not to use chemicals to melt it. It is tempting to use things like rock salt to melt ice and snow, but it can cause the deterioration of stone and concrete with even slight contact. Instead, as soon as the snow stops, get outside and shovel it. The snow itself won’t cause damage, but once it starts melting the freeze-thaw cycle can do a lot of harm. Make sure that snow and water don’t sit and freeze on any of your hardscaping. 

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